Features hundreds of fun and interactive games, each designed to teach a specific educational concept. Your child can play games to learn the alphabet, to learn new words, to learn about numbers and shapes, and even to learn about the planets. Mouse definition, any of numerous small Old World rodents of the family Muridae, especially of the genus Mus, introduced widely in other parts of the world. See more. A mouse, plural mice, is a small rodent characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, a body-length scaly tail, and a high breeding rate. The best known mouse species is the common house mouse (Mus musculus) is also a popular some places, certain kinds of field mice are locally common.


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28.04.2016 Disney Mickey Mouse comes back to star in Castle of Illusion, a fantastical re-imagining of the Sega Genesis classic. With all-new HD graphics and gameplay. Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Full Episodes of. 07.09.2018 Mickey, Minnie, Donald, daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are invited to Pete's Halloween party at the Trick or Treat Tower! Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior and in the DisneyNOW app! Mickey.