Redboy 13 (1997. Redboy 13 cast. Redboy1 3 hacks jailbreak 2019. Redboy 13 1997. Redboy 13 mars. Redboy 131. Redboy 136. Watch Redboy Onli'ne Flash,x. Download Redboy 13 HDQ… Redboy 13 openload Which Redboy 13 redboy"13"tv"Hindi"Film"Free"Watch"Online. Redboy 13 is a Cold War movie spoof in which a young teenage boy is actually not an innocent youth, but a secret agent working for the government to defeat evil Cold War spies. The problem is that this movie needs a large budget, which van Beval simply doesn't have. Still, his ingenuity is startling. His special effects are appropriately good and cheesy. Unfortunately, it's all too obvious when he's using miniatures, etc. However, it's obvious that van Beval is a director and writer of major talent, and one to be watched.