Friday the 13th


Logan's daughter.


OMG! why is Jaimie wears as a redcoat?😢. It's nice to see Pete Davidson finally get a leading role. I LOVED. Looks like more Sherlock with that song. Friday the 13th. Movie should be called people yelling over each other in annoying New York accents the movie. This is basically the first trailer but with some added footage.

Super intrigued by The Wave. Why only 5 episodes We want more More More. Iggy Pop is great, but not appropriate there. Now, I will admit that I have watched some 'slasher' type films in the past.
Nightmare on Elm Street and Alien, for example, which, I guess, is a little bit difficult to compare to, but still about the same genre.
We start off in 1958, where we experience some people getting killed on summer camp. Afterwards we go to 1980, where some young peeps are going to try out for that same camp, apparently known as Camp Crystal Lake, or if I recall correctly also Camp Blood.
In the evening, that turns to crap. Don't be expecting Shakespeare. It's really just people getting killed off one by one, and occasionally some music accompanying it. The ending is one of the better things about this film, but I wouldn't spoil it.
3 points for the ending.
However, the ending alone is definitely not a reason to watch this film. I wouldn't recommend this film even to bore someone.

James don't die pleaseeeeeee. Where's John Cena in the trailer? Oh yeah no one can see him. Me: farts Alien: oooohhh smells like chickin. This looks a LOTTTTTT better than the first one.