The Enemy Within.


Most remakes of an already successful movie are bound to be faulted for their alleged pale-by-comparisons that are all too common when comparing two movies. But since I have copies of both, I'd like to give my support for this updated remake it may be faulted for lacking some of the ingredients of the original, it should be commended for adding some components that the original did not have. In the original, Jiggs Casey apparently has no family but does have a somewhat platonic relationship with the former lover of the turncoat general. In the remake, Colonel Casey(whatever happened to "Jiggs" LOL. has a son that he is trying(somewhat unsuccessfully) to connect with. His son figures in one of the more dramatic scenes involving a Russian Agent. The VP is murdered along with a female employee of the WH staff. Although there are no meetings in parking garages or plots to kidnap the POTUS at a secluded lake there are plenty of suspenseful moments. I did feel that too much of the original dialogue was inserted in the sequel that didn't fit in with the remake as well as it did original. But overall, I thought this movie was worth looking at. It should be looked on as an update rather than a cheap rip off of the original.