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Download Movie voiceless. This is a powerful movie! The film Demonstrates what a powerful difference One person can make in their community And how standing for what is right can Influence the people we come in contact With in our daily lives. Also, it demonstrates That when we are unwilling to confront evil, It can persist in our own cities and communities. I thought the acting was very good, the setting Was perfect and the story line was believable. I thought me main character Playing the pastor was realistic in the sense of someone returning From war and trying to adjust to civilian life. I was somewhat concerned With the fighting that was in the movie but after finishing the movie, I thought it fit the setting and plot and most of it was defensive in nature. Unfortunately, in poor inner city communities, Violence is part of every day life and it is something we should all oppose. The "violence" that was in this movie I took as "keeping it real" Any negative Comments related to "interracial marriage" is uncalled for because we are One human race.