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1,600 men? Buddy, this is World War One. Youve got to pump those numbers up. So we will watch another film of ww1 with English perspective :D.

Anything World War related, Im in it automatically

Iron Man: Did she have family? captain America: Yeah. Us. Black Widow movie: Im not so sure about that. Charlies angels looks zeptillion times paler compared to this. @ 2:03 Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Tempted to watch this in the cinema. This gave one hell of goosebumps. I told my parents this looks like a really good movie and they said “eh. she isnt a MaiN AvEnGeR and we dont know much about her. she doesnt have much of a backstory” me: i- thats literally the point of this movie 👁👄👁.


Like si ya la quieres ver.




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