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The Oh in Ohio was the first feature film from director Billy Kent, who previously established himself making television commercials. A woman gets a belated introduction to the joy of sex in this.


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TOIO is a decent sex-romp, perhaps a bit too crude, but considering how bad comedies have been in the last decade, I am willing to overlook its faults. Certainly there is the utter predictability regarding Posey hooking up with and finally getting her first non-masturbatory orgasm with De Vito. (Posey should get a bravery medal for kissing with him.) The other problem is the casting of Minnelli and Mischa Barton; Minnelli, who fortunately appears only briefly, should only be playing monsters in low-budget horror films, what with the numerous face-lifts that have left her looking like an alien being. (The shrill voice doesn't help either: more like a siren.) As for Barton, I have no clue who finds this gangly, flat-chested, square-jawed woman "beautiful. She has the sex-appeal of Minnelli's buttocks. Someone like Elisha Cuthbert would have played the young femme fatale far more convincingly. The rest of the cast are okay. The standout is Posey who plays the initially uptight and slightly eccentric career women perfectly.
(This comment is dedicated to Mischa Barton's last meal, which was in March of 2003. May it digest forever in her shrinking stomach.

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The oh in ohio - See page The Oh in Ohio - odottamattomia nautintoja Online HD Hindi HBO 2018 Download. The Oh in Ohio - odottamattomia nautintoja OnLinE.







Anyone know the name of the song at the end of this trailer? I think director Billy Kent wrote the music but Im not sure. I'd like to know the same thing. The Oh in Ohio. History IS everything! I can't wait to see this documentary by my friend Evan.


How interesting...


Cant wait to this film. Just throw Cleveland in there, and you are guaranteed a flop. Parker Posey and Miranda Bailey in The Oh in Ohio (2006) Parker Posey and Liza. (2006) Danny Devito as Wayne and Parker Posey as Pricillia in The Oh in Ohio. See full technical specs ». The offbeat comedy has both edge and levity to it, Parker Posey and Paul Rudd give their best performances to date (the film is. My hometown! Love it here. place like Athens. This was kind of a messed up movie. DeVito stole it.

Such a cool movie. Lots of laughs

The Oh in Ohio - Trailer. The movie is comical and full of relatable and exagerated situations that you just can't help. This is a review of the OH IN OHIO DVD, rather than the film itself. @blinksys I love that song too. I scrolled back 3 times to hear it over who it is. wish i I can find something about in on it's soundtrack.



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