This film was an early Martin Campbell film (Casino Royale, 2006) I thought this film was really good, the performances both from Gary Oldman and Kevin Bacon were brilliant. Gary Oldman played the brilliant and successful lawyer who defended Kevin Bacon in court with suspicion of Murder. Kevin Bacon gets off, but doesn't leave Gary Oldman's character alone, Oldman has suspicion that he was guilty, and didn't want to defend him again. The tension between Gary Oldman and Bacon was brilliant, For an oldish film it was very good. There have been many films like these in the past, but this was one of the first films to have that idea that the suspect is not innocent. It's interesting to see just how young Oldman and Bacon are in the film, but Oldman gives one of his greatest performances i've ever seen, along with State of Grace (1990) This film is definitely worth seeing.