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What at first appears to be an excellent 'whodunnit' in the best British style, with pretty good performances all round, Trust' carefully constructs an interesting scenario in a very plausible step-by-step process which keeps the viewer glued to the screen. A woman's body is spewed out of the back of a refuse truck onto one of those great urban rubbish dumps; she is thought to be a prostitute. but is she?
The film is up to the level of and comparable with Diarmuid Lawrence's highly recommendable 'The Echo' 1998) TV) qv. until the final scenes, that is. As the denouément is sputtered out, the totally implausible outcome renders all that has gone before to the level of a cheap Agatha Christie story.

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What is the song that starts at 1:25 into the trailer? Really good song and I annoyingly can't find it anywhere. Looks good but would watch anyway just for Brendan.


I think some reactions to this movie are irrelevant. Whatever the ending, the movie is about a current, very relevant topic and with a little empathy, I think a person should be able to see Annie's point of view. Loveblind. Don't judge her. Getting back to the ending - I think it's meant to get the reactions it's getting, the ending is reality. Because if aaaaaaallllll disgusting shameless females WERE nicely and Wisely DRESSED - NO FREAKS WOULD APPEAR IN LIFE ! STUPID MORON. IT's SO OBVIOUS THAT EVEN BLINDED CAN SEE IT. What a waste... This is a collection of Will and Trust Form Template. You can free download Will and Trust Form Template to fill,edit,print and sign. Can you trust the 100% free full game downloads. GameSpot. It's directed by Ross. They had me at Brendan Fraser! F _ kYeah.

Just watched this on dvd today i love this movie. Why enjoying putting the moments of doing drugs in every trailer now. It's sick! Can somebody solve this mystery for me, plaese.







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