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This opera is beautifully staged and sung, and not a run of the mill production. The Indian settings are lovely and tranquil, and the second act is quite colorful and exotic, as is the costuming. Since Lakme is so seldom seen on stage these days- a scattering of performances throughout the USA at best- and only a few of its arias are well known, it is great to have this one on VHS, which I believe is singular. I particularly wanted to use it for an opera study group I lead. The one great detriment, and Kultur must be faulted for this, is that the video does not have English sub-titles. Understanding of the opera would have benefited enormously if they had been super-imposed, and this is the basic problem with the video. It is difficult to read a libretto and watch at the same time. All in all, not a rating of A no matter how gorgeous a voice Dame Sutherland has.

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