Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows



Allow me to expand, I found the first Sherlock Holmes an outstanding film, its original but not on the point of experimental. Robert Downey Jr. is a thrill and a laugh to watch in most of his appearances; As Sherlock Holmes though, he was something else, a brilliant mixture of intellect and humour... Which, in most cases, equals sarcasm on the brink of annoyance. Now, in this one, I think he decided to take the jump, and land straight in the ball-pit we call annoyance... And the only thing that structures him as a character is maybe being a little bit of a badass, MAYBE. The film start of slow and, yes, ends in a cliff-hanger but getting to the cliff is not a thrilling journey so... Is it worth it? I've tried to watch the film twice; the first time I managed to get through the first half, the second time I found myself distracting myself during the first half, purely to get to the second. NEVERTHELESS, it is still a movie, a Sherlock Holmes movie too! The picture is great and there are some good action scenes... But don't expect to be sitting through the credits with a stupid look on your face like 'that was AMAZING' cos its more than likely you're going to be sat there staring at your phone or half-asleep... or both.