A Voz do Coração



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I strongly agree with the previous reviewer. This was a fine little film that is certainly a cut above most TV movies. It is a sweet, but never cliched movie about life, and how the arts (in this case music) can help us wade through the difficulties of life. Since the entire movie revolves around the music of Frank Sinatra, any Sinatra fan will enjoy it. The acting and writing are fine, and of course, the music is splendid. I would really welcome a DVD release. In fact, it could even be marketed as Frank Sinatra's final acting appearance (which it was, even though it was only a cameo. Though it was almost a decade ago, I still remember it. By the way, I'm a reviewer in my twenties. I mention this only so younger readers won't think this is only for "old-timers. Sinatra fans of all ages will love it.