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I really enjoyed this film. Unfortunately I only happened across it because a friend who loved it had recorded it off of Bravo a few years back and decided to show it to me. Where has it disappeared to, and why haven't more people seen it? I don't know the answer, but I highly recommend it to all who enjoy well written and visually engaging family drama.
The drama itself is subtle and understated, but evokes all the turmoil and beauty involved in revisiting family when one hasn't entirely outgrown them. All the acting is capable, but the three brothers are really the strongest in the film. Matt Nolan is wonderful as Taylor, a young man returning to face a father he loves but has never been able to connect with. Dylan Neal (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Dawson's Creek) shows himself capable of real subtlety as the older over-achieving brother who long ago stole and married Taylor's sweetheart. Lastly, hitherto unknown Brian Frank steals the film with his portrayal of the somewhat lost, youngest brother who is still at home and trying to follow his dreams of being a musician while living with his disapproving parents. The interplay between the three is in many ways the heart of the movie.
Writer and director, Andrew Humeniuk, knows just how to accent these relationships visually, making some unusual and often breathtaking choices. Interestingly, I actually felt there were moments in the movie when the way it was shot was actually meant to increase the audiences physical discomfort in ways that mirrored the emotional discomfort felt by the characters. And it worked! I did a search for Humeniuk on here and haven't found anything. If anyone knows if he's still in the business either writing or directing I'd be interested in seeing anything else he's done. The Cinematographer, Jay Fergeson is also to be commended for the visual poetry of the film.
At any rate, enjoy. I think Amazon still carries the film if you want to check it out.





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Taylor 27s return download torrent video. Taylor's return download torrent 2. Taylor's return download torrent sites. This article is about the web series. For the spacecraft, see Pioneer 1. Pioneer One Genre Science fiction drama Starring James Rich Alexandra Blatt Jack Haley Guy Wegener E. James Ford Laura Graham Laurence Cantor Einar Gunn Country of origin USA No. of seasons 1 No. of episodes 6 Production Executive producer(s) Bracey Smith Josh Bernhard Ari Meisel Producer(s) Louis Meisel Running time 30–40 minutes Distributor Peer-to-peer via BitTorrent (2010–2011) ( CC BY-NC-SA) Release Picture format 720p (2010–2011) Original release 2010 External links Website Pioneer One was a 2010 American web series produced by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith. [1] [2] [3] It was funded purely through donations, and is the first series created for and released on BitTorrent networks. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Background [ edit] Pioneer One was a serialized drama produced and distributed online through VODO and the DISCO network. Downloaded more than 3, 730, 000 times since May 2012 [9] and winner for Best Drama Pilot at the 2010 New York Television Festival, the show was independently produced and financed by viewer donations. The pilot episode was filmed on a budget of $6, 000, [10] raised in advance using Kickstarter. The series itself was released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license and is distributed for free in collaboration with VODO, as with Bernhard's previous independent film The Lionshare, over the Internet including peer-to-peer networks. [11] [12] Six episodes were produced. Production of the rest of the season was funded through direct donations from the fanbase. [1] [13] Pilot plot [ edit] A mysterious spaceship enters Earth's atmosphere, triggering a massive response from the American government. Since the ship has spread radiation over hundreds of miles of rural Montana, officials are quick to bring up the possibility of a terrorist attack, specifically the detonation of a dirty bomb, however, that idea is discarded subtly by the leading investigator, asking the rhetorical question "Who would launch an attack on Montana? ". Debris is found in Canada, where an investigation of the crash discovers a live human being in a Soviet space suit. Federal agents working for the American Department of Homeland Security get involved, receiving permission from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to operate in Canada. The man is in an unstable condition and his initial blood work shows signs of severe cancer, with his doctors proclaiming him too badly injured to transport. A note handwritten in Russian found at the crash site says that the man is the child of cosmonauts living at a base on Mars. Not believing the note and wanting to announce a Department of Homeland Security success to the press, the American DHS orders Agent Taylor to bring the man back to the United States as a suspected terrorist, despite his severe condition. Believing the note could be true, Taylor ignores his orders and destroys the permission from the RCMP, forcing his team to stay on site. He also brings in Dr. Walzer, an expert who has written several books about the possibility of human survival on Mars, to discuss the incident. At the end of the episode, a radio signal is heard and the screen display of a computer at Baikonur Cosmodrome is shown. Episodes [ edit] Season 1 (2010 - 2011) [ edit] Cast [ edit] James Rich as Tom Taylor Alexandra Blatt as Sofie Larson Aleksandr Evtushenko as Yuri Jack Haley as Dr. Zachary Walzer (a character based on Robert Zubrin) [14] Matthew Foster played Walzer in the original pilot Guy Wegener as Vernon E. James Ford as Dileo Laurence Cantor as Norton Einar Gunn as McClellan Laura Graham as Jane Campbell Reception [ edit] Within the first week of its initial release, the pilot episode had been downloaded 420, 000 times, [15] 170, 000 more downloads than predicted. [1] As of December 13, 2011, the Pioneer One series had collectively been downloaded over 3. 5 million times through VODO and raised almost $100, 000 in fan donations. [16] It is hard to estimate how many other downloads may have taken place through other means, such as the torrent being automatically added to the latest version of μTorrent. Initial reviews were positive, with many reviewers praising the show for being surprisingly good for an independent project. For example, Download Squad described the first episode as "surpris[ing]... I found myself wishing there were more episodes available when it finished. " [17] The New York Television Festival selected Pioneer One as the "Best Drama Pilot" for their 2010 Independent Pilot Competition [18] and the International Academy of Web Television nominated Pioneer One for "Best Drama" at the Inaugural IAWTV Awards. [19] Funding [ edit] The pilot episode of the show was shot on a budget of $6, 000 donated by people through the Kickstarter website. Because the project lacks funding by traditional means such as a TV station or DVD sales, money had to come directly from the fanbase. On June 29, 2010, a minimum of $20, 000 necessary for production on the next block of three episodes was raised. On February 11, 2011, the project announced that it would accept donations in Bitcoins. [20] Production history [ edit] This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. ( December 2011) On October 6, 2010, local press reported that filming of the second episode was underway in Binghamton, New York. [21] On November 5, 2010, Rachel McLaughlin reported she has been working as Production Coordinator/Assistant director in Pioneer One and that three episodes were shot. [22] Episode three was released on March 28, 2011, and episode four was released on April 28. Production on the last two episodes of Season One was scheduled for May 5 - June, [23] in Binghamton, New York, New York City, and Long Island. References [ edit] ^ a b c Miller, Liz Shannon (2010-06-18). "Original Series Pioneer One Debuts Directly To P2P Networks". NewTeeVee. ^ Currie, Andrew (2010-04-07). "Pioneer One = Television Industry 2. 0". Open Attitude. ^ Jacques Franc de Ferrière (2010-06-17). "Les poids lourds du Torrent soutiennent une série TV indépendante" (in French). PC Inpact. Retrieved 2010-06-17. ^ Van Der Sar, Ernesto (2010-04-08). "Pioneer One, A BitTorrent Exclusive Web-Series". Retrieved 2010-06-20. ^ Braue, David (2010-06-21). "Crowd-funded thriller could be studios' worst nightmare". APC. ^ "TV-serie rett på torrent" (in Norwegian). ITavisen. 2010-06-23. Archived from the original on 2012-03-01. ^ "Pioneer One, première série co-financée par les internautes et diffusée en peer to peer" (in French). 20 minutes. June 2010-06-21. Archived from the original on 2012-07-17. Retrieved 2010-06-24. ^ Lemereis, David (2010-06-25). "Online community doneert aan sci-fi serie" (in Dutch). Bright.. The show was cancelled. ^ ^ "Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie mit Spenden und ohne Sender" (in German).. 2010-06-21. ^ Suen, Michael (2010-06-20). "Sci-Fi Thriller Series Pioneer One Debuts… For Torrents! ". Geekosystem. ^ Van Der Sar, Ernesto (2010-06-16). "Massive P2P Conglomerate Backs New TV-Series". Retrieved 2010-06-17. ^ Schwan, Ben (2010-06-22). "TV-Serie finanziert sich übers Netz" (in German). Die Tageszeitung. Retrieved 2010-06-24. ^ 'Pioneer One', the indie sci-fi drama, was released on BitTorrent 6 years ago. Now we have a shot at a big-budget reboot! ^ "Falling Upwards: Pioneer One shows the way for VODO". VODO. 2010-06-24. Retrieved 2011-10-19. ^ "The Pioneer One Finale is HERE". BitTorrent. 2011-12-14. Retrieved 2011-12-14. ^ Rogers, Matthew (2010-06-18). "Watch the first "made-for-torrent" drama series: Pioneer One". Download Squad. Archived from the original on 2012-07-29. Retrieved 2010-06-18. ^ "New York Television Festival Announces Winners". Broadway 2010-09-27. Retrieved 2010-10-11. ^ "International Academy of Web Television Announces Nominees for the Inaugural IAWTV Awards". Archived from the original on May 30, 2012. Retrieved 2011-12-14. ^ "Pioneer One Now Accepting Bitcoins". Twitter. 2011-02-11. Retrieved 2011-02-11. ^ "Pioneer One Production Being Shot in Binghamton". WICZ-TV. 2010-10-06. Retrieved 2010-10-11. ^ "What I've been up to... by Rachel McLaughlin". 2010-11-05. Retrieved 2010-11-22. [ permanent dead link] ^ "IndieNet and Beyond Investigates 'Pioneer One ' ". 2011-05-11. Retrieved 2011-05-11. External links [ edit] Official website VODO page and download links Pioneer One (Official distributor) Kickstarter page for the project Pioneer One on IMDb Pioneer One at.

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