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Hi, I'm new here, long time stalker, first time poster. (I'm not sure if this post is in the correct place. My SO [M23] and I [F24] have been contemplating attending a Saints and Sinners Ball ( in Australia) but I particularly want to know some more information about the event. We were told about it, after one of our friends worked the bar at one recently. We haven't have much experince with swinging in a large environment, but are more to give it ago. I have looked online and read some ar. In this video made by "Virtual Reality Oasis" he says that the release for all PCVR headsets is on January 23rd, which everyone already knew. But as he is talking he releases the, not exact, release date for PSVR, and the Oculus Quest. For the PSVR, it will be released in Q1 of 2020. The Oculus Quest release date is in Q4 of 2020. Video. 1w3hxkampt=1549s] 1w3hxkampt=1549s) TLDR: Oculus Quest Release is in Q4 of 2.


What can you tell me about your experince/knowlege about Saints and Sinners events? Contemplating attending with SO. Hi everyone! I'm a single American girl with some swinging experience visiting Melbourne soon. I've heard Melbourne (and Australia in general) has a fun swinging scene but I don't really know anything about it. I was hoping to catch Saints and Sinners but looks like I just missed the October one and the next isn't until New Years. I'm considering going to Debauchery on 12/2 - does anyone have any experience with this particular party? Any advice you can give me would be helpful! Thanks.

Long shot but here goes. new to the swinging scene, would love to check out some swinging events i.e. wet on wellington, debauchery, and eventually the huge Saints and Sinners ball come July. looking for an interested female to go with, experience doesnt matter to me, you can be as new as i am or have some swinging experience, im happy to chat more and take things further. happy to reply PMs and chat/swap pics etc on kik or email, whichever your preference. anyoneeeeee. p.s. might not ch.

Prickly poppy and thistle. Done by CC at Saint and Sinners Tattoo. Portland, OR. Walking Dead: Saints and Sinner will have Index support. Finally decided to say goodbye to this palette. A few shades were used three times at most, the others were used once or only swatched. Packaging has a few smudges but is otherwise in very good condition. Asking 45 (includes shipping within the US) but open to offers. [The proof.

Walking dead: saints and sinners

Cross post: Saints and sinners ball, what's it like? What to expect. The Walking Dead Onslaught VS Saints and Sinners (Full Summary In Comments. Anyone in the Tatuaje Saints and Sinners Club. My husband and I are looking to go here for the first time in a few weeks. We have never been to a LS club and are pretty new to the lifestyle in general. We were wondering if anyone has been to this specific club before? If so, what are your experiences good or bad? Any recommendations in general about going to a club for the first time.

Hi, Anyone familiar with this club? My gf and I are going this Friday. Would be great to meet a couple interested in meeting up there.