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This is a myth for you yeah! I dont know why that was funny to me. Like yeah monsters are fake windego in the mine Hold my corpse. I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda. Cj : I am the best in rockstar's history. Trevor : Raise your voice, I can't hear you. Arthur Morgan : you're my favorite parasites. Calling it now, lady dies, kid survives, cop lives with the guilt of the ladys death. Todds actor from breaking bad has gotten THICC. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS A ROBBERY - Me 1899. Maybe i'll be dramatic game is kinda emotionaly connected with me.I've never felt something like this in any other game and maybe I won't masterpiece is once in a lifetime and I feel sorry for all the guys who want to buy it but they can't.

There should had been a snippet at the end when the music dies you had to do was follow the damn train cj. And it's more like spin off of Stranger things s1. Now this is how the remastered should have looked like. This would finally kill GTA Online if it were released.

So it is about the WENDIGO. Next thing you dudes will start hiking through northern forests en masse... whistling as you go... 1:02 - Hey wait a second. did I just fall off a horse outside. I mean they said “wendigo” in the chanting so Im pretty sure thats what it is. Either way, x/ this is it boys.






So theres a kid living in a full on house with a creature with the power to kill people whenever it wants in his attic. Dont know if this is real or not but regardless hes already said a lot of these things in other videos and I'm sure watching everything he made be destroyed/or more so turned into something completely different (crappy mainstream) sucks. I respect his wanting to make things his way and not mainstream so if only people didn't cry like babies over the prequels we'd have him still. Making at least better than Disney's type s.w stand alone movies were good though, and Lucas worked a lot with mandalorian so that was good of course.


“You know what that sound is? Thats the sound of a thousand executives taking a sh!t on my work” 😂😂😂. Lucas should make upcoming start wars. Looks pretty cool... A lot of facebook users thought this was legit. When you first meet your emo relative. This would be dope if they did it just like this😏. This makes Attack of The Clones look like Citizen Kane Lmao. “Storytelling started with our indigenous people” not sure thats accurate. ever heard of the Bible?😂😂.

Soooo stranger things but without the crew.
Mike: Pennywise is back. Stanley: Aw Shit here we go again...
If this line isn't available All we had to do was to follow that damn train CJ I won't forgive you.