Find movie and film cast and crew information for The Sexy Chef (2003. Tyson Smith on AllMovie. 18/03/2009 A trailer for the second Smith (THE SEXY CHEF) Brothers movie, MONDAY NIGHT GIG, a comedic take on the struggling working man's band that spans eight years in.


The Sexy Chef (2002. Who is The Sexy Chef? If you don't know, don't feel bad, but you should see this movie.
I loved it. It was fun, funny and genuine. The characters are the sort you probably know from college or work, the plot keeps you interested and waiting to see what happens.
If you've ever been fed up, had a job you hate, had friends who drove you crazy, were burned out, obsessed, or needed an escape, you'll identify with some part of "The Sexy Chef.
It's worth watching, not only for an escape from the predictable movies that are pumped into the local theaters. You won't believe this is a first movie. the production is first-rate. See it. Now. Go.


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Voice is so sexy.