Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare directors John Fasano


OMG, what a glorious mess It's so bad that it's great. After what seems like an eternity watching a white van travelling down a series of roads, Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare begins proper at a secluded farm-house where crap 80s hard-rock outfit Triton, led by musclebound singer John Triton (Jon Mikl Thor, who is like David Lee Roth on steroids, but minus the charisma) plan to record their latest album.
As the guys (and their big-haired women, who have also come along for the ride) are busy rocking 'n' rolling, evil forces rise up from the bowels of Hell to cause all manner of mayhem; the demons, however, are unaware that front-man John is an undercover archangel out to destroy them all. br> Heavy rock and horror have always been natural bedfellows, but never has the union been so plain bizarre as in Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, a nonsensical slice of 80s cheeze, written and produced by it's star Jon Mikl Thor (who proves to be as lousy at scriptwriting as he is at songwriting. Making not a lick of sense from start to finish, this film serves primarily as a glorified music video (we are treated to several bad rock tunes in their entirety) secondly as a spot of soft-core porn (between the music, the band members get it on with their girls) and finally as an actual movie.
Unsurprisingly, the acting is dire, the special effects are laughable (the demonic creatures are badly made hand puppets and manky marionettes) and the direction is uninspired (Evil Dead style camera-work yet again) all of which qualifies the film as essential viewing for experienced fans of trash cinema. And if that wasn't enough, there's also Thor's embarrassing heavy rock fashion sense (his wardrobe includes a particularly nasty silver jacket with tails) a band member who speaks with the worst Aussie accent ever (so bad, I thought it was Cockney. a one-eyed monster chicken in the farmhouse fridge, and an attack by deadly flying starfish. all of which should be more than enough to convince you that life ain't complete until you've witnessed this unbelievable crap-fest for yourself.